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DAIMONAS (pronounced "demonas") a site by Demetrios Vakras, investigating how humanity's destructive and creative abilites have been guided by the philosophies/religions held, and how religious ideology continues to misguide us.


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"History, as it is generally presented, is considered to be a series of events and dates during which these events occurred. I insist that these are the symptoms of history. History is the ideas behind the symptoms. When the Greeks systematised the cosmos it was because they believed that god was order (Hesiod: Theogony), and as such they looked for order, and thus produced science. Islam believes that man was created in heaven, and that after transgressing god's commands, was cast out from heaven to earth, to a life made attractive by god so that god can test the piety of his creation by seeing who is willing to forfeit this life, for one in heaven, by their willingness to risk their life in pursuing the killing of unbelievers (Koran: the Heights), hence the modern phenomenon of Islamic terrorist suicide bombers. I trace how these ideas came to be, and how they have led to 'history'..... This is the subject of my current research. This is an internet site which covers some of the areas of my pursuit. The subjects of this site cover a considerable range: Byzantium, Mycenae, snake-worship, Gilgamesh, Linear A, Linear B, cuneiform scripts, the Tartaria Tablets, Islam and terrorism, the Islamic basis for the Catholic Crusades, origins of the griffin, the Christian basis of Adolph Hitler's genocidal campaign, 'impiety' laws, and atheism..." Demetrios Vakras