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AUTHOR: about the Daimonas

There are claims by propagandists that Arabs had ideas that were their own. Any such claims are only ever supported by arguments of omission. The Arabs produced a culture less original than had the Zoroastrians who preceded them. Zoroastrain intolerance of other faiths became part of Islam. The Zoroastrian tax imposed on vanquished foreigners became the Muslim poll-tax imposed on non-Muslims... on and on goes a very long list.

This page is limited to one motif to show that the elements of what is termed high "Islamic civilization", that is, the arts and sciences, are all Greek/Byzantine derived. Though some of the derivations come via a Persian intermediary, the source for Persian ideas themselves were Byzantine, refer: Byzantine basis of "Zoroastrain" motifs.

The Greek influence on Zoroastrian Persian art, which forms the basis of the later so-called "Islamic" art

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